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If you are reading this, I'm sure that you are one of the people who struggle in organizing their space and want some ideas on how to maximize the small space available to you.

It is really frustrating and stressful to organize and design especially if you don't have any Idea on how and where to start, so in this blog I will make sure that as you reach the end of this article you will already have a clear picture on what are the things that you need to consider in starting to design your condominium.


1. Choose the right color for your walls

The paint color of your walls is the most important thing to consider. It should compliment on how will you furnish and design the space. It can also expand or condense the area so make sure to make the right choice.

In choosing the paint color, always go with white, neutral, and soft tones to make the room brighter. Bright rooms are more reflective to natural light making it look bigger and welcoming.

2. Buy the right furniture

Going big is not always the better, you should avoid buying bulky furniture unless you want them to bump on each other and block the open spaces. Furniture can take so much space and occupy the area intended for access.

You need to remember that in buying furniture for your condominium always choose smaller. Smaller furniture creates more open spaces that will help you easily maneuver across different areas. Buy only what is necessary to avoid crowding your space.

3. Use wide mirrors

Mirrors creates an optical illusion that makes your space look bigger. Consider using frameless full width or full height mirror to maximize it's effect. This is very effective especially in narrow spaces because it reflects the space where it is placed and makes it look like double in size.

4. Create more closed storage

The most common problem in a condominium is the storage for your different stuffs like clothes, personal belongings, kitchen utensils, and other objects. When you don't have designated storage for different items, you tend to place it anywhere until your space is cluttered.

To keep your space neat and organized, invest in custom built cabinets. Customized cabinets is built based on the space requirement and helps you maximize the space if you plan it correctly. Compared to pre-built or DIY cabinets which can waste your space if you buy the one that does not fit well on the designated area, you can have it on full height up to the ceiling and full width of the wall so that every inch of your unit is utilized properly.

5. Create a plan for the overall design

It's hard to start designing without a clear layout and can even waste your hard earned money when you end up disliking the overall outcome of your space. Planning a design only in your imagination is stressful and doubts will arise in between the process if you don't plan it properly.

Creating a design plan is your guide to achieve the design you have been dreaming of and will surely help you utilize your space. It will give you direction on what furniture to buy, what cabinets to build, and how will you organize the space.

Invest on hiring a professional to do it for you. They will give you a proper floor plan layout and sections on how will you organize & maximize your space and a 3D perspective that will help you visualize the design to what will it look like on an actual picture customized based on your interest and design inspirations. They will give advice on what works best on your space and most importantly they can give you an estimate for every components of the design so you can plan out on what to prioritize first based on your budget.


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Image by Alexandra Gorn